It's been a really hot day and in the afternoon I decided to have some icecream. Friendly as I am sometimes, I thought to share a bit with the duracell, most hardworking creatures on earth ;) At first they didn't care, but then one after another joined this hotspot to have a sip. And whoohoo did that sugar lift their spirits.Sugar shock galore! This might be the beginning of a new cult. Maybe these ants will tell their children and grandchildren about this epiphany and start worshiping the one, who dropped the heavenly sweet icecream. I will have my own army and start speading the word amongst them to obey me, for I will give them cold sugar in return. My minions will rise and help me to take over the leadership of the world. Finally I'll become the Queen of fucking everything. Muhahahaaaa!

Dream big ;) Vote for the antsparty

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