Dark Shadows

I am not shooting towards the sun and I have a real good camera. So, this actually should not happen, but it looks kinda cool. Recognize the purple color? Did I just capture a spirit, an aura? Well, anyway, looks cool.

I took these pictures and many more for an art project, just to clarify that I am not a ghost hunter or have any interest in beeing involved with occultic groups, just because I hung out at graveyards lately. I actually like those places for their calmness and sometimes gracefullness.

But then one day I got totally bored, didn't know what to do with myself, so I had a look on youtube and turned to the other side of it. The creepy, daunting, disturbing, evil side. I started to watch "A haunting", episode after episode. After a few I turned it off, deciding to join the real world again, but somehow movies; pictures that you once saw can sort of haunt you too. At nighttime I could not stop thinking about the stories that I had seen on youtube and all the noise and shadows in the dark house would appear slightly different than they used to be. Well, after a few unsettled nights things went almost back to normal. I am amazed what my brain is capable of making me believe. I have to stop watching creepy crap-tv!

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