How to make animated GIFS

Am I the last person on earth, who learned that today? I have been asking people, who had these gifs on their website..."how do you do it?" and I never got a response! I didn't even know what these were called. Today I was stumbling accidentally over a video and tadaaa. 

Just visit the website, upload some pictures, set the size and speed (I used big and faster) and then it will create your animation without any watermark. This is so cool, I will have to play a little more with that this weekend :)


Looks tacky, doesn't it? :D

It is a lucky charm, which is supposed to make "good everything". I got it this weekend from a friend, who vacationed in Vietnam. I like wearing it, because it reminds me that everything will turn out alright and good. 



It reminded me immediately to calm down and stop worrying for a minute. I also remembered a "breathing awareness technique", which my attention got called to, while I was joining a Pilates class once. It is so easy, that you might think "???Don't need anyone to tell me that!!!", but often we get carried away during the day and simply forget to breathe. For example, when we have to do a presentation at Uni or work, it is much likely that we will breathe very flat and kinda even gasp for air. Basically in every stressful situation it is normal to react that way. But we don't need to! 

Just remember to breathe.

Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath and imagine while breathing out, how all the stress is falling away from you. If you breathe attentively for a while, it will really make you feel better. All those never ending thoughts revolving in the head obey to stop. The mind clears.

Try it and let me know, if it worked for you.   And don't forget: "good everything" ;)

Tune of the day

"He wants to dream like a young man / With the wisdom of an old man / He wants his home and security / He wants to live like a sailor at sea / Beautiful loser / Where you gonna fall? / When you realize / You just can't have it all / He's your oldest and your best friend / If you need him, he'll be there again / He's always willing to be second-best / A perfect lodger, a perfect guest /  Beautiful loser / Read it on the wall / And realize / You just can't have it all / You just can't have it all / you just can't have it all /  ohh, ohh, can't have it all / you can try, you can try, but you can't have it all / He'll never make any enemies, enemies, no / He won't complain if he's caught in a freeze / He'll always ask, he'll always say please / Beautiful loser / Never take it all / 'Cause it's easier / And faster when you fall / You just don't need it all" by Bob Seger

It's my party

Don't let others put you down! Sometimes I cannot help but wonder, why do people have to make rude comments about my achievements or decisions? It doesn't really matter how they say it, basically it is a vilification of my work and life choices and it usually happens in front of other people. I find that very insulting and personal offending. I have told them before how I feel, but there is always a new hair in the soup. That person apologizes, but that is it. Sooner or later it will happen again. I don't know why people say hurtful things or why their awareness about this seems to be at point zero.

Actually I am thinking of one particular friend, who does that every now and then, since I know her. It bothers me, but I don't want to be all the time fighting. I have had the conclusion, that maybe she is jealous and this is a way for her to put up with it. But why would she be jealous? What else could it be? Does it simply make her feel better about herself?

I hate to think about the reasons; it takes my time and energie and leads nowhere. I simply decided to share my life a little less with that person. Certain things I am going to keep to myself. If she doesn't know about it, she cannot bash about it. I don't want to end a friendship, 'cause after all, we are friends, but I have to draw a line in order to feel better about myself again and stop thinking about comments. 

I want to focus on my life, on what I want, who I want to be, where I want to go. It is my party and everybody else is a guest. If the guest doesn't like the party or don't know how to behave, him or her is free to leave. I am able to reflect about myself and admit when I screwed things up, but I certainly do not need to be bashed about it! I love myself, or at least I try. Because...the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one.

Lastly I have to think of a quote, which is oh so true. 

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." - Marilyn Monroe.

perfect red

Ever since I saw "The Tourist" I wanted to have a lipstick with the exact same colour as the one the character of Angelina Jolie wears. This perfect red. To find the perfect shade of lipstick is a quest for material beauty. I am aware how silly this hunt is, but still ... I fell in love with the embodiment of elegancy and sophistication. A colour is not just a colour, it is a statement.

A really bright red is something young girls can pull off, but I am searching for a more adult, feminine colour, which does not go too far into a violet, because i do not want to look like a 50 year old vamp either.

I am not really happy the way the pictures show the colour, it does look darker in real life. I used the Lipliner Perfect Color-P2-030 Business Lady. The lipstick is from artdeco (05) and the first impession is really nice. It applies very smoothly and feels extremly good on the lips, but it smudges a little and does not
last as long as my Manhattan lipsticks. 

The colour of the lipliner and lipstick are not exactly matching, but I had the lipliner before and thought it would be a waist of money to buy another red one.  

What do you think, should I save some money and buy an artdeco lipliner? It is tempting, I have to admit :)

Ist der Sommer zurück?

Und noch viel wichtiger- bleibt er? Hoffentlich, aber nur für den Fall der Fälle unternahm ich heute einen kleinen Fahradausflug und kam an einem unübersehbaren Mohnfeld vorbei. Diese Gelegenheit musste ich natürlich beim Schopfe fassen und Fotos machen, denn schon nach dem nächsten Regenschauer kann diese Farbenpracht verschwunden sein.

A surprise for you

I made this video about two years ago. Yet, it seems like it has been yesterday.Time flies. There is no use in fighting that. I still like what I have done back then. It is simple, honest and right to the point.

And suddenly the great black...

...appears from deep inside.
What is the purpose of this world? And would an answer matter to me? If there was only an easy way out. No pain. Just silence. I am not afraid of death, but the pain of dying. Leaving this world behind, doesn't mean a thing to me. It would be like an infinite sleep.

But I know my feelings. They are ambivalent. As much as I want silence, at the same time I want excitement and adventure. I want to live - just sometimes I have no idea how to. 

I tend to go to sleep when all those dark emotions arise. Put my life on standby as time flies by. Everybody else goes ahead with their lifes and I am left behind. What if I am already dead, because I don't know, if I have the strengh to get up anymore. Living like a dead.

Black is crushing

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