And suddenly the great black...

...appears from deep inside.
What is the purpose of this world? And would an answer matter to me? If there was only an easy way out. No pain. Just silence. I am not afraid of death, but the pain of dying. Leaving this world behind, doesn't mean a thing to me. It would be like an infinite sleep.

But I know my feelings. They are ambivalent. As much as I want silence, at the same time I want excitement and adventure. I want to live - just sometimes I have no idea how to. 

I tend to go to sleep when all those dark emotions arise. Put my life on standby as time flies by. Everybody else goes ahead with their lifes and I am left behind. What if I am already dead, because I don't know, if I have the strengh to get up anymore. Living like a dead.

Black is crushing

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