Looks tacky, doesn't it? :D

It is a lucky charm, which is supposed to make "good everything". I got it this weekend from a friend, who vacationed in Vietnam. I like wearing it, because it reminds me that everything will turn out alright and good. 



It reminded me immediately to calm down and stop worrying for a minute. I also remembered a "breathing awareness technique", which my attention got called to, while I was joining a Pilates class once. It is so easy, that you might think "???Don't need anyone to tell me that!!!", but often we get carried away during the day and simply forget to breathe. For example, when we have to do a presentation at Uni or work, it is much likely that we will breathe very flat and kinda even gasp for air. Basically in every stressful situation it is normal to react that way. But we don't need to! 

Just remember to breathe.

Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath and imagine while breathing out, how all the stress is falling away from you. If you breathe attentively for a while, it will really make you feel better. All those never ending thoughts revolving in the head obey to stop. The mind clears.

Try it and let me know, if it worked for you.   And don't forget: "good everything" ;)

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  1. That's really good advice actually. I've heard many times that very few of us actually breathe correctly and it can be so harmful.


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