perfect red

Ever since I saw "The Tourist" I wanted to have a lipstick with the exact same colour as the one the character of Angelina Jolie wears. This perfect red. To find the perfect shade of lipstick is a quest for material beauty. I am aware how silly this hunt is, but still ... I fell in love with the embodiment of elegancy and sophistication. A colour is not just a colour, it is a statement.

A really bright red is something young girls can pull off, but I am searching for a more adult, feminine colour, which does not go too far into a violet, because i do not want to look like a 50 year old vamp either.

I am not really happy the way the pictures show the colour, it does look darker in real life. I used the Lipliner Perfect Color-P2-030 Business Lady. The lipstick is from artdeco (05) and the first impession is really nice. It applies very smoothly and feels extremly good on the lips, but it smudges a little and does not
last as long as my Manhattan lipsticks. 

The colour of the lipliner and lipstick are not exactly matching, but I had the lipliner before and thought it would be a waist of money to buy another red one.  

What do you think, should I save some money and buy an artdeco lipliner? It is tempting, I have to admit :)

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