Magic forest

I am sorry, but lately I don't feel much communicative and a little down. The only thing I like to do is taking pictures, strolling through nature. So, this is probably what I'll do for now, share some pictures with you. Hope you like them. 

And I'd like to thank everyone, who voted for me at the photo challenge on the beautiful Blog of Tina's Picstory :) That made my day :)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week. 

My refusal

I just wanted to buy a beautiful handbag at the Accessorize online shop, but I had to learn that they only accept Master,Visa, Paypal whatsoever. I know it is perfectly normal to have a Mastercard and they can be quite handy, but I still reject them. And not too long ago I was checking into the Concorde Hotel in Berlin and when I told them that I had no such card, they threw me the pity look. What's up with that? I just never cared to get one and why do I need so many god damn cards anyway? I don't like to get paypal either. I don't want to open an account every website I visit. NO! It is too much. And it has a really good site not owning these consumption devices: saving money. I liked this bag for quite some time, but in the end- let's face it- I don't need another one.

In the garden...

This is a picture challenge by Tina's PicStory
Everybody can participate and share their captures.

✄ DIY ✄ LAMP ✄

Make a plaster cast, paint over it, glue dried petals on, seal it with a top coat. Done.

If you want to see more DIY, crafty or recipe goodness feel encouraged to visit

hot pink toenails

Yesterday I spent some time at a lake with a friend, despite the inconsistent weather. In the end, we were glad that we went there, because we did have some sunshiny moments, as well as some rain even at the same time, which caused a beautiful rainbow :). We took pictures, drank some alcohol free sparkling wine, read some gossip magazines, painted our toenails...very girlyesque. 
And I just feel like to share my favorite summer nail polish with you. This year there are so many bright colors out there, but I got myself together and only bought one new item, because they expire simply too soon and I would be upset if I would have to throw away most of it, because in the end I hardly used any of it. 
So as a base coat I used the Manhattan long lasting LOTUS EFFECT nail polish (43K) and on top of it I used from Rival de Loop the number 29 star dust, which is quite a good name- it really looks like star dust. I love these two combined, especially on the toenails. I' m in love with this beautiful girly summer shade <3 and I only wished, we had a proper summer *sigh*

Do you have a favorite summer color this year? And has this season not lived up to it's promise at your region as well? I am keeping fingers crossed that summer will return and stay!

How to become a serious musician ^^

Haven't we all dreamt to be a musician at some piont in life, but always lacked the passionate discipline it takes to get there? Well, well...the following websites I found won't turn you magically into a talented musician, but they are all a whole lot of fun. Promise!

Let's start off here: is definatively going to show you a good time. There is so much to explore, you should just check it out yourself. If you register, you can even save the "songs" you've created.

Next one is, which is quite different from tony b. On the screen you see many square buttons, once you press them, they will light off and repeat a certain sound. Alltogether it reminded me of a very meditative fairy music.

On the last website I'd like to introduce, the screen turns into a keyboard with the most coolest sounds, but which will not entertain you as long as tony b.

To sum it up: If you have to fill a boring afternoon and there is nothing else to do...go ahead and play :)

Or are you capable of playing a real instrument? Good for you.

Have a nice day.



It's bloomsday ;)

At least on my blog it is. I have started to read "Ulysses" by James Joyce several times before, but always quit after a while. Same tragedy happened to other books such as "infinite jest" or "Doktor Faustus". Seems like the big ones scare me off :( So instead of a book review, here some pictures of flowers...
Have a beautiful sunday :)

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