How to become a serious musician ^^

Haven't we all dreamt to be a musician at some piont in life, but always lacked the passionate discipline it takes to get there? Well, well...the following websites I found won't turn you magically into a talented musician, but they are all a whole lot of fun. Promise!

Let's start off here: is definatively going to show you a good time. There is so much to explore, you should just check it out yourself. If you register, you can even save the "songs" you've created.

Next one is, which is quite different from tony b. On the screen you see many square buttons, once you press them, they will light off and repeat a certain sound. Alltogether it reminded me of a very meditative fairy music.

On the last website I'd like to introduce, the screen turns into a keyboard with the most coolest sounds, but which will not entertain you as long as tony b.

To sum it up: If you have to fill a boring afternoon and there is nothing else to do...go ahead and play :)

Or are you capable of playing a real instrument? Good for you.

Have a nice day.



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