My refusal

I just wanted to buy a beautiful handbag at the Accessorize online shop, but I had to learn that they only accept Master,Visa, Paypal whatsoever. I know it is perfectly normal to have a Mastercard and they can be quite handy, but I still reject them. And not too long ago I was checking into the Concorde Hotel in Berlin and when I told them that I had no such card, they threw me the pity look. What's up with that? I just never cared to get one and why do I need so many god damn cards anyway? I don't like to get paypal either. I don't want to open an account every website I visit. NO! It is too much. And it has a really good site not owning these consumption devices: saving money. I liked this bag for quite some time, but in the end- let's face it- I don't need another one.

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