Ecce Homo

You probably have heard of Cecilia Gimenez, the lady, who wanted to restore a spanish fresco and utterly failed. At least in the eye of media and society. If you need a little reminder, here is the link to the story: Anyways I have to admit that I love her attempt to "save" the fresco. It is a new piece of art and I hope, if they are not able to recover the original, they will just leave it as it is and not cover up with some poster. But that is just me. I respect all the respectable artlovers, who will disagree and cry over spilled milk. In fact, what she did is art too...

If you want to create your own masterpiece, then go to and go wild. I did :)

And all of the sudden I found you

The pictures of the past. 
The memories that last, even when I forget. You remind me. 

Wearing my high school graduation dress that one night,
was it really to end a fight 
called adolescence or whatever

years run down 
'til nothing is left
except the frown
what a pucker

a witness of time
lovers come and go
hopefully you've had friends in crime
life is such a whore
but in the end - you'll be fine

looking at the pictures of the past
memories that were meant to last

( this came into being in the spur of the moment, it is not thought through well. But, oh well, I embrace the raw and unfinished purity. The pictures were taken by Tony Hofmann, whom I thank for a wonderful shooting and cool pictures)

De-Qualifizierung für Akademiker

Als ich heute nichtsahnend das neue Angebot der Kreisvolkhochschule durchblätterte, stieß ich auf diesen unglaublichen Kurs. Allein die Existenz eines solchen Angebots lässt mich kopfschüttelnd zurück und in mir häufen sich Fragen über Fragen. Wer meldet sich für diesen Kurs an, warum, wer sponsert den Zeitvertreib und warum dauert das ganze zwei Monate? Die Wortwahl finde ich auch sehr unglücklich - "aus promovierten Geisteswissenschaftlern wieder echte Männer machen". Ach, und vorher waren die keine echten Männer?

Nun, hier geht es weiter mit der Geschichte: De-Qualifizierung die Zweite

Work in progress

A whole different world is inside me
 - both - 
- darkness and bright light - 
opponents 'til the very end

I hold your heart in my hands

It is time for another photo challenge on Tina's PicStory Blog
This week topic is the letter "H". 
Go check out her website and the other entries. 
Have a wonderful day.


The wicked witch of the east

Deichmann 25 €
Skirt: H&M on Sale 5€, Blouse: H&M 20€, Undershirt: Vero Moda 7€, Shoes: Deichmann on Sale 7
Jumper: H&M 10 €
Necklace: Grandma :)

Slenderman scares everyone

After watching several youtube videos about the game "Slender", I was so intrigued that I had to try it myself. So I looked for a save download, found one and started playing. And yes, it is kinda scary due to its music and the fact that you cannot even run. It is like in one of those dreams where you want to run, but can't. Awful feeling.

The goal of this game is to collect eight pages and I have no idea what happens if you succeed, 'cause so far I always lost. I think if you play at nighttime it will really give you some chills. Turn the light off, if you dare. Ha Ha Ha! That was supposed to be an evil laugh.

Mmmhhhh, Halloween is only three months away, if you want to scare your friends big time, you might just hide these eight pages in a forest and then send your friends out looking for them at midnight. And at some point you jump out of your hiding place with a scream-mask or something... Uhhh, that just gives me the chills. I wouldn't participate in that, I am a wet blanket and that is just OK. I rather stay home, eat candy and watch innocent Disney Movies. I have to admit that I always squeak, when Slenderman finds me, sounds kinda like a guinea pig. Don't want to find out what I sound like, if that was "real". Noooooooooooo!

Overall I have to say, it is a free game and it will give you goosebumps for sure, but I think after several times, even that will fade and in the is not really my cup of tea. As a kid I liked to play Manic Mansion and Jump-and-Run-Games, but times changed a long time ago, still I am a curious person and that is why I had to play it myself :) OK, there is one game I always enjoy to play when I am sick: "Anno 1701".

Do you like to game? And if you do, what is your favourite game?

Singer Salvage

 Last Thursday I read on Luzi's Blog about the coolest T-Shirt ever. It is Supernatural themed and since I enjoy this serie so much, I just had to get one myself. Today I received the package from Qwertee with a small package of Gumibears as an extra gift.

I must say, I am very pleased with the fast dispatch - I have chosen the guaranteed delivery for just 1,50 Euro more than the standard delivery, since I had no experience with that company and it would have been a real bummer, if the Shirt would have gotten lost.

I ordered a medium Shirt and advise you to check out the sizing chart. Medium fits good, but next time I might even order a Large, because it probably will shrink.

I am a little worried that the imprint will come off after some time washing. I mean this is what usually happens, so no biggy, but if it happens I will update this post.

For now I am really happy with my new Shirt and oh yeah ...before I forget, they only accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal bla bla and since I don't own that, I asked a family member to help me out. I guess, I should just get one of these cards and get it over with. If you'd like to check out Qwertee, here is the link: They sell incredible cool Shirts but only for a limited time and then another Tee is up for sale.

This is the Qwertee Logo

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