And all of the sudden I found you

The pictures of the past. 
The memories that last, even when I forget. You remind me. 

Wearing my high school graduation dress that one night,
was it really to end a fight 
called adolescence or whatever

years run down 
'til nothing is left
except the frown
what a pucker

a witness of time
lovers come and go
hopefully you've had friends in crime
life is such a whore
but in the end - you'll be fine

looking at the pictures of the past
memories that were meant to last

( this came into being in the spur of the moment, it is not thought through well. But, oh well, I embrace the raw and unfinished purity. The pictures were taken by Tony Hofmann, whom I thank for a wonderful shooting and cool pictures)


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  2. Merci, merci...werde gleich mal rübersurfen ;)

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