Singer Salvage

 Last Thursday I read on Luzi's Blog about the coolest T-Shirt ever. It is Supernatural themed and since I enjoy this serie so much, I just had to get one myself. Today I received the package from Qwertee with a small package of Gumibears as an extra gift.

I must say, I am very pleased with the fast dispatch - I have chosen the guaranteed delivery for just 1,50 Euro more than the standard delivery, since I had no experience with that company and it would have been a real bummer, if the Shirt would have gotten lost.

I ordered a medium Shirt and advise you to check out the sizing chart. Medium fits good, but next time I might even order a Large, because it probably will shrink.

I am a little worried that the imprint will come off after some time washing. I mean this is what usually happens, so no biggy, but if it happens I will update this post.

For now I am really happy with my new Shirt and oh yeah ...before I forget, they only accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal bla bla and since I don't own that, I asked a family member to help me out. I guess, I should just get one of these cards and get it over with. If you'd like to check out Qwertee, here is the link: They sell incredible cool Shirts but only for a limited time and then another Tee is up for sale.

This is the Qwertee Logo

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