Slenderman scares everyone

After watching several youtube videos about the game "Slender", I was so intrigued that I had to try it myself. So I looked for a save download, found one and started playing. And yes, it is kinda scary due to its music and the fact that you cannot even run. It is like in one of those dreams where you want to run, but can't. Awful feeling.

The goal of this game is to collect eight pages and I have no idea what happens if you succeed, 'cause so far I always lost. I think if you play at nighttime it will really give you some chills. Turn the light off, if you dare. Ha Ha Ha! That was supposed to be an evil laugh.

Mmmhhhh, Halloween is only three months away, if you want to scare your friends big time, you might just hide these eight pages in a forest and then send your friends out looking for them at midnight. And at some point you jump out of your hiding place with a scream-mask or something... Uhhh, that just gives me the chills. I wouldn't participate in that, I am a wet blanket and that is just OK. I rather stay home, eat candy and watch innocent Disney Movies. I have to admit that I always squeak, when Slenderman finds me, sounds kinda like a guinea pig. Don't want to find out what I sound like, if that was "real". Noooooooooooo!

Overall I have to say, it is a free game and it will give you goosebumps for sure, but I think after several times, even that will fade and in the is not really my cup of tea. As a kid I liked to play Manic Mansion and Jump-and-Run-Games, but times changed a long time ago, still I am a curious person and that is why I had to play it myself :) OK, there is one game I always enjoy to play when I am sick: "Anno 1701".

Do you like to game? And if you do, what is your favourite game?

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