✄ DIY ✄ ombre denim vest ✄

I own this jeans jacket actually since high school, but didn't wear it in a long long time and almost gave it to goodwill, but I am glad that it hid really well from me - far back in the closet. So when I found it about a month ago, it was a really pleasant surprise and I thought to myself, why not bleach it and turn it into something new to love and actually wear again?!

But let me fill you in right away: Bleaching is a pain in the ass! It took me four bleaching processes to get the result I aimed for. This can't be good for the environment :( but anyways I did it, I was determined to get the result I longed for. There are a few simple rules you should keep in mind when it comes to bleaching.

First Rule: ALWAYS wear gloves! Always! Because if you don't either the bleach will literally eat your skin or your hands will rotten stink for at least a day. Now, just imagine you would have a date that night and he/she would happen to reach over the dinner table in order to gently lift your hand and place his/her lips upon and in a second the smell would contort his/her face. I know what I am talking about! :/

Second Rule: Ask your mother for a good bleaching brand. For the first three times I used an instant from a brand called Dr. Beckmann, mixed it with hot water and let the jacket stay in there overnight. It hardly removed any colour. Then I asked my mother, if she knew a kickassbleach and she did. Danklorix is the deus ex machina. That stuff is really amazing. I highly recommend it, not only for bleaching, but cleaning as well.

Third Rule: No matter what kind of bleach you use, make sure not to use it in closed rooms! Open the window at least, better take that crap outside and work in the backyard, if you are lucky to have one. Otherwise it will give you a hard time breathing and I doubt that these fumes are healthy...

When you're done with all that, wash it seperately, let it dry and you are actually done. I decided to cut the sleeves off and glue some denim stars back on. I finished the edges with a glitter-fabric-pen to add a little extra something. I even thought about going for the galaxy print on the top, but then backed away from that idea. It probably would have been too much at once.

Have you ombred anything this summer? 
Do you think this trend will last into next year or will it ebb away? Let me know your thoughts :)
Have good start into the new week.

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