Anonymous comments – Spam advise

Dear anonymous readers,

I have no idea why most of your comments get sent to my e-mail account, but never show on the actual blog-site. But just today I received a question of a sporadic reader asking, if I get a lot of spam feedback and if I do, how I would prevent that.

Well up to now I only had two spam comments. Sometimes some weird websites visit my blog, but I am not curious enough to find out more about them, because most times it will be a link with a virus on its tail. So hands off!

But I would recommend, if you get a lot of spam, turn on the word verification. I think this tool is actually invented to prevent spamming. At least for a short amount of time, I think things like that happen in intervals and maybe as soon as you take action it might stop? And then get rid of word verification, because it is annoying ;) Don’t really know, if that will really help – just guessing.

Well, keep me updated if your problem continues.

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