Halloween / Easy and fun costume

If there was only one costume to wear at Halloween for the rest of my life, what would it be?

Wallace, Mrs. Mia Wallace. No question about it!

She is the perfect character to celebrate Halloween with. As the night moves on, this costume allows the owner to get more wasted by the hour and it is totally OK! ;) The reason is simple. You just stay true to the character. I don't want to encourage anyone to get hammered like a Jersey Shore - Puppet or actually do drugs like Mia in Pulp Fiction, but still - you can have so much fun being Mia Wallace!

And all you need is a black wig, white oversized button shirt, leggings, black flats, eyeliner, red lipstick and red fingernails. I actually had most of it already at home and for the wig - I went into a costume store in Hamburg. It is a very inexpensive costume, which will allow you to spend a few more bucks on drinks :P

What will your costume be for upcoming Halloween? How do you celebrate?

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