What I like about this area - you can hike in the mountains for two hours and might not meet a single human soul. How amazing is that?!! Oh sweet solitude  :)



Habt ihr Lust für kleines Geld endlich mal wieder zu verreisen? Einmal nach Paris oder London? Kein Problem, nur der Buchungszeitraum und die Tickets sind begrenzt. 8000 Tickets - nur für Frauen - sind online zu erhaschen am 8. März zwischen 8 und 18 Uhr. Wie schon erwähnt, sind diese Tickets nur für Frauen gültig und der Reiseantritt liegt zwischen dem 18. - 25. März 2013. Natürlich ist auch ein kleiner Obolus zu entrichten, aber für eine einfache Fahrt 8 Euro hinzublättern und damit bis nach Paris zu kommen, das ist schon unschlagbar günstig.

Die Zuggesellschaft, die diese - wie ich finde- gelungene Marketing-Aktion anläßlich des Weltfrauentages anbietet, nennt sich Thalys und deckt allerdings nur ein gewisses Maß an Verbindungen ab, deshalb solltet ihr euch einfach mal deren Seite anbeischauen, denn es lohnt sich doch eher nur für Mädels, die in der Nähe der Haltestellen wohnen. Auf diese Aktion bin ich durch eine ander Bloggerin aufmerksam geworden und zwar durch das City Girl. Ansonsten rate ich euch einfach mal die Aktion zu googlen und ihr werdet Pressemitteilungen zu Hauf finden.

Eine Freundin und ich haben uns das auch kurz überlegt zu machen, aber weder der Zeitraum, noch die Abfahrtsorte wollen so recht passen. Wir brauchen auch einfach mehr Zeit zum Planen, wer aber von euch spontan Zeit findet und ein paar Tickets ergattert, dem sei zu seinem Schnäppchen gratuliert.
Habt ihr vor Tickets zu buchen oder ist euch das zu kurzfristig? (Hab neulich gelernt, was der Terminus "Stöckchen werfen" im Blog-Jargon bedeutet und genau solche Fragen wie ich sie euch gerade stellte, gehören dazu. Mein Statement zum Stöckchen werfen: Wer bitte macht sich so blöde Gedanken, nur weil jemand eine Frage stellt? Es ist doch jedem selbst überlassen zu antworten oder nicht und wenn es einen nervt, naja, dann sollte man sich selbst fragen warum. Es kommt doch immer darauf an, wie ich selbst etwas rezipiere. Naja, dies auch nur am Rande, weil ich das Gehabe darum einfach nur unnötig und hochnäsig finde.)


It is a vain industry. Award shows are overrated. Work itself is more rewarding than any glittery to see and be seen party! Of course that is probably only the case, when you love what you are doing…

MILAN : Life is like a shadow - you can't escape it.

I am a Runaway, at least by heart. I talk a lot about just quitting all and run away to a foreign Country and of course immediately my friends will get my feet back on the ground saying that running away will not solve any of my discomforts. Common sense, right?! BUT on the other hand, if one wants to change their life, then this could be an opportunity. And again common sense kicks in, warning about all the others who have failed due to irrational decision making. 

So, a few years back I wanted to escape my ordinary student life for at least a few days and I cannot say how or why, but my destiny was Milano. I had never been to Italy before and actually I never returned after that, which now, while writing these words, makes me feel a little gloomy.  I went by train and it was a beautiful site that rushed across my window, at some point I almost expected see Julie Andrews spinning, dancing around just like she does in the opening scene for “the sound of music”. Long green hillsides, deep Valleys passed by, churches and crosses on some lonely mountain, which always made me wonder, who built them and why.

Being quite a control freak when it comes to planning a trip, I knew before travelling to a foreign Country, which public conveyance I need to get places, just in case there is no one around, who I could ask for directions. Today someone might just flip a Smartphone out of one’s pocket and take a spontaneous look online, but I still don’t own one of these phones and are not even planning on getting one. This is why I am always sitting down before the beginning of a trip and write those things down. Where, what, when, how… It helps to visit a foreign place, if you know at least kind of where you want to go.

I took my Edixa Reflex along, which I inherited from my grandfather and the following pictures are taken by her. Yes, I like to think of my camera as a female. Don’t ask why, I don’t know either.

I have seen the Scala, which was quite impressive and if I will ever return to Milan, I will definitely go and enjoy the Opera in this magnificent concert hall. I think we weren’t actually supposed to take pictures inside the building, but I could not resist to take a picture of the chandelier in one of the halls and it is one of my favorite photograph from this trip ever since.

view from my room

view from the hotel room

To see Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ was quite impressive and exciting - it feels like you are about to have an audience with the Queen. When I arrived with all the other tourists from Japan, France and where not from, we all had to wait and then were split up into little groups. I remember the latency to see the mural painting built up a weird intensity, like something special was about to happen. Then, after maybe half an hour, we were admitted inside and it was amazing, especially when one imagines that these colors are faded and cracked. How marvelous it must have looked back in the 15th Century?! When time was up we were channeled right into the souvenir shop, which came across funny and yet I did buy a little address book with the painting on it. I thought it fits perfectly as an address book, because there is some ironic truth in that picture concerning the relationships with others.

 the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie

It was in one of the early months of a year, when I visited Milan and yet quite chilling. I only stayed for three days and only on the last one, the sun made an appearance through the clouds. That was the day that I spent almost four hours on the Cathedral of Milan. The Cathedral is made of white marble, it simply looks amazing and the pictures I took do no justice to its original beauty due to I, because I am not that good of a photographer and back then I was just starting out to work with SLR-Cameras.

Up on that roof I saw the most handsome man, I had ever seen. Unfortunately he was with company, but still a sight to look at. I didn't take a picture of him, that would have been weird, but I will always remember him anyways. Good looks and a sonorous voice - what else?!

view from the Cathedral Milan
Over all I enjoyed my stay in Milan, did a little sightseeing, a little shopping, a little flirting (the Italian men were really courteous)... the only downside was that I don't speak Italian and wasn't able to communicate the way I would have liked to. Still it was a perfect escape from my student life and provided me with some new energy.

Though next time I am going to visit Italy, I would like to go rather rural places, maybe staying closer to the mountains and go hiking. I would love to take new pictures of the landscape and its people.
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