Monuments Men / George Clooney filming at the Harz Mountains

Well, this has been a pretty big deal for the region. When does an A-Lister come to film a Hollywood-movie in your town, right?! Sounds pretty surreal! And yet ... yeah ... it is just happening. In March there was held a Casting in Goslar to find some Extras. Of course I did go there, waited three hours in the freezing cold, got an awful picture taken and then waited and waited and waited. No, I did not get chosen to be an extra. Seriously, I believe everybody in this area did apply, simply the reason being that nothing really happens around here! And I have to admit that I would have loved to be part of the movie, but oh well ... I came with nothing, I left with nothing... 

When the day of filming came closer a friend and I decided to take a look at the location and it was very nice to see the crew working on the street to give it a Belgian face of that time. We even got a glimpse of the filming that happened on the 29th of April. I didn't expect that to be possible, but was pleasantly surprised how relaxed everybody seemed, even with all of us normal people trying to get a peek.

Soon it will all be a wrap and things will go back to normal. By now I am a little fed up with all the articles in the newspaper, where and when Mr. G. C. has been and bla bla bla ;) The book is quite interesting and even though the story took place during WW2, it evokes questions that are always current. But you know what - unfortunately I don't think that people will ever learn from history. We will always say how bad and evil -in this case- the Germans were and I might add, some probably still think that Germans are all Nazis... I know what I am talking about. I lived abroad and people without even knowing me, called me the "Nazi-girl". Don't get me wrong here, I doubt that most of them really knew what they were saying and I have no hard feelings towards them, but I wish they would start thinking for their own and make own decisions and not just go by on what someone else (school, government, media) just said or taught them. Always think for yourself and make decisions based on humanity. OK, sorry, don't want to get preachy, that is just what I try to live by :)

Even though I haven't gained or lost anything from going to the casting, I have to admit, that I am a little sad, that it didn't work out for me. That is why I have decided that I will try to get an extra part in some other movie or television show... I am so curious and really want to know how it is...I am so in need of a new experience! Goes straight on my bucket list! 

Do you have any advise on how to become an extra, where to apply and stuff? Or have you been an extra? Tell me about it, I would love to hear your experience!
waiting in line for the extra-casting in Goslar
Breite Straße / Goslar - the day before shooting
Cars that were provided by a museum

Update: Febuary 2014

The movie is out and unfortunatly I couldn't care less. As soon as I saw the trailers I thought that this movie didn't live up to it's potential, but oh well ... it still might be very entertaining. And as for my goal to be an extra: did it and it gained me some new respect for film crews. Over all that was a nice experience, I liked the camaraderie on set.

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